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Fireworks – How To Help Your Pet Cope

Fun for you… Scary for them! Desensitise them gradually and in a controlled way Try downloading firework sound effects available on the Dogs Trust Website to gradually get them used to the noises. Start at the lowest possible volumes and very gradually increase the...

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Updated – Brexit and Pet Passports

Unfortunately, even at this late stage, there is no definite information about how pet travel to the EU will be affected from January next year. There are still 3 possible outcomes with the UK becoming an unlisted country or a Part 1 / 2 listed country.  What...

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Microchipping your pets

Here at Armstrong Mobile Vets we have noticed an increase in beloved pets going missing. Most of these animals have not had microchips or any identification tags on collars. A microchip is a permanent method of electronic identification. The chip itself is very small,...

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