Fun for you… Scary for them!

Desensitise them gradually and in a controlled way

Try downloading firework sound effects available on the Dogs Trust Website to gradually get them used to the noises. Start at the lowest possible volumes and very gradually increase the volume and duration of sounds each day over a number of weeks. Reward and praise any calm behaviours and if you see anxiety, stop immediately and take it back to the previous volume – only progress when they are calm. If your pet has a very negative reaction, do not force them to listen and try another approach.

Provide a safe space

This will give your pet a place to hide where they feel safe. In the weeks leading up to firework season, give your dog access to this den at all times. Cover the den with blankets and line it with pillows or cushions to absorb some of the noise. Give treats and praise when your dog uses it, to build a positive association but don’t force them to use it if they prefer to hide somewhere else. Cats often feel safest when high up. So they may prefer a space on a shelf or the top of a cupboard.

Act  normal                                                                                        

Animals are highly perceptive and will notice if you’re behaving unusually. Following your pet around or being overly affectionate may cause them to feel nervous or confused. You can still reassure your pet, by playing with their favourite toy for example but try to behave as normally as possible. The more you change your behaviour, the more anxious your pet may become.

Calming supplements can be used in conjunction with behavioural aids, or in severe cases anti-anxiety medications can be prescribed by the vet.