Finally! the warm weather has arrived!  Whilst we all enjoy not having to wrap up warm, please remember that your pets do need to keep cool during this time.  Fresh water and shade should be available at all times and please, please do not leave any pets in your car, even if you are parked in a shady spot. No matter how short the time span may be, a short time is TOO long.  We also advise you walk your dog in the morning or evening when its cooler.

Another reminder for you with the arrival of the summer is parasite control.  We have a wide range of products available for keeping these at bay.  Please contact us for further information if/when required.  Please note that when these items appear on your invoice they will be detailed under a general heading that covers all pests (flea, worm & tick).  Most products do not cover all 3 of these parasite group, so please don’t assume that your pet will be covered for all of these.  Check with us if you are unsure in any way.